The Mizar 5ive
Design and creation of image, posters, and onscreen graphics for the Portland, Oregon band The Mizar 5ive -- a Steely Dan cover band. A high resolution graphic was created for printed posters along with variations for social media graphics.  Created in Adobe Photoshop. © Jennifer Gale
Maps and Charts for Ph.D. Thesis
A series of maps and charts created for the Ph.D. thesis of Sara Pacchiarotti for the University of Oregon Dept. of Linguistics. These maps and charts will be part of a book to be published in 2020. © Jennifer Gale
Schumann in Concert
Design and creation of concert poster for this ensemble group of musicians and singers performing the classical works of Robert Schumann. © Jennifer Gale
Suburbia Property Management
Design and creation of image, business card, signage, and website for Suburbia LLC, a property management company. © Suburbia LLC
Michelle Bersell Web and Social Media Graphics
Design and creation of web and Facebook graphics for Michelle Bersell, well known author and founder of the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. © Michelle Bersell
"Shows, Shops & Auctions" Book Cover Design
Design and creation of book cover for "Shows, Shops & Auctions, Essays on the Antiques Trade" by Amy Gale. Published by Witlings Press. © Witlings Press
A series of postcards created from my photo illustration and digital painting work. © Jennifer Gale
Sounds Like Love
Design and creation of logo and poster image for Portland, Oregon based band Sounds Like Love. © Jennifer Gale
Witlings Press Website & Social Media Graphics
Website, logo, and social media graphics design and production for Witlings Press, an independent book publisher located in New York City. © Witlings Press
Edutek and SilverSurf Social Media Graphics
Design and creation of Facebook and web graphics for these two Australian companies dedicated to teaching and training Australians how to use computers and new technology. © Jennifer Gale
SilverSurf Brochures and Print Ads
Design and production of brochures, postcards, business cards, and print ads for this Australian company dedicated to teaching and training older Australians how to use computers and new technology. A selection from the total works shown below. © Jennifer Gale
Tripazon Banner Ads
Using the company's graphics, designed and produced banner ads for display on websites and mobile apps. © Jennifer Gale
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